international tracks & clips


wildtracks, tracks on the wildsite

The series will cover:

culture:           man and history, craftmanship, folklore and religion
nature:            scenery, flora, fauna, national parks, naturetracks
destinations:   locations, climate, geology, traffic possibilities
people:            local customs, agriculture, education, economy

Fauna film, worldwide in living colour


FAUNA FILM is specialised in the production, licensing and distribution of nature-, culture- and destination TV- and DVD formats.
Their programmes are shown all over the world. Besides these activities an image bank was built, named Stock Shot.

stockshots & other fine series


Looking for summer? Stock Shot supplies you with shots of butterflies, wild flora, beautiful sunsets, oceans, breakers and more …
More than 500,000 shots on broadcast video are at your disposal. STOCK SHOT has invested thousands of hours to make available those shots that you require. You do the asking and STOCK SHOT delivers. Formats 4:3 and 16:9. Stockshots, that are stored in our library can be borrowed from the library and inserted into your program or commercial.